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Meet Terry

My name is Terry, and I am the owner and operator of Beach Glow Airbrush Tanning, located in Fair Haven., NJ. My love for the sun started as a child growing up at the Jersey Shore. Each year, I would spend summers on Ortley Beach with my family and friends. As an adult, I moved from the beach to Hoboken, NJ, which is where my love for airbrush tanning began. Since I was no longer living near the beach, and no longer wanted to harm my skin I became the connoisseur of spray tanning. I traveled to various salons throughout NYC then eventually took an airbrush tanning course at Brazil Bronze in Manhattan. Over the past 15 years I have stayed out of the sun and researched many sunless products in hopes for achieving that perfect glow.
Today, I am a busy mother of two beautiful children, and I decided to take the plunge and start my own airbrush tanning business. As a busy mom, I know how hard it can be to find time for soaking up the sun, especially when you are running from school, to practice and then to appointments. So, I wanted to offer airbrush tanning to all the busy Moms out there and anyone looking for a healthier way to get a BEACH GLOW ✨
Currently I am also trained and certified with Perfect Glow Sunless and National Tanning Training Institute (NTTI) and I continue my education so I can bring you the latest techniques and products for sunless tanning. As your tanning specialist, I customize the perfect blend for my clients and will produce the most beautiful tan for any skin type. I take private appointments because I want you to LOVE your spray tan experience and mature discretion is always given, so you are comfortable. In your session, I use a hand held HVLP machine and will mix organic color that is designed specifically for you. This way, you will obtain the desired tan you want, without the damaging effects of the sun. 
At Beach Glow airbrush tanning, we will provide you with superior customer service. 
I look forward to meeting you and can’t wait to give you a beautiful BEACH GLOW! 



Precautionary Guidelines for spray tanning with DHA: The FDA has advised that all users of DHA spray tanning services avoid inhaling or ingesting DHA. When using all –over sunless tanning spray containing DHA, it may be difficult to avoid exposure to sensitive areas including; eyes, lips, mucous membranes or internally. The FDA recommends you take the following protective measures during your sunless tanning session: ❖ Use of protective undergarments ❖ Using Protective Eyewear ❖ Use of Nose Filters ❖ Sealing Lips with Lip Balm If you do not have these items, please request the above items from your sunless specialist. If you have additional concerns, consult your health care provider. To understand the complete FDS stance on DHS, visit



The Classic Beach Glow $40.00 
Glow On The Go $ 45.00
(Express Tan✨ allowing you the convenience of showering anywhere between 1 to 4 hours) 
Mobile Glow $60.00+
(Let me bring the Beach Glow to you!)
Face  $10.00
Half A Glow $25.00 (legs only…who doesn’t love tan legs?)
Add Ons: 
Shimmer Drying Powder $5.00 (No more feeling tacky or sticky! Finish up your airbrush tan with with this amazing shimmer powder that instantly dries your skin leaving you glowing and ready to go.)
Contouring $10.00
(Want the appearance of defined abs or arms? Maybe a beach butt lift? Then try our contouring add on!) 
Students $30.00
5 Classic Beach Glow Tans $150.00
5 Glow on the Go Express Tans $175.00
(Do not expire) 


-3 tans (bachelorette party, shower and wedding day) 

-5 or more bridesmaids, the bride tans free! I 

Attention Brides: I always recommend a trial before your big day. As you are booking your makeup and hair, book your airbrush tan trial session and wedding tan. Or you can email me at details are a must on this big day!



Get your girls together for a night of sipping cocktails and getting a beach glow!  We can customize a bridal party, girls night, or any special event.  If you prefer to host it in your home no problem! Contact us to create your special event. 

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  • Maintaining your tan is up to you, so this information will help you.
  • A waiver is attached to the bottom of the site, please read and sign the consent (or you may do so at your session).  
  • Upon arrival, we will have a consultation and decide what techniques and products work best for you.
  • Disposable thongs, disposable robe, nose filters, face masks,  lip balm, and shower caps are available per FDA recommendations.
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  • Shave shower and exfoliate the night before your tanning appointment .
  • Showering 4 hrs before your session is acceptable if you cannot do it the evening before, but not right before the appointment, as your skin will remain hydrated from the shower and not give the best results.
  • Coming right from the gym is NOT recommended as the sweat will create a barrier
  • Waxing and spa services (pedicure, massage, facial ) should be done before your spray tan (2 days prior is my recommendation) as the oils can leave a barrier
  • Do not use deodorant, makeup, perfume, or moisturizers (including the moisture strip on a razor) the day of your tanning session
  • Bring loose fit clothing and flip flops
  • Pull hair back high and tight on top of your head if possible
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  • Wear loose clothing until after your rinse, a bra is not recommended.

  • I will advise you on the time frame when you can rinse. IMPORTANT  that you must rinse in the time frame I provide for you. Waiting longer or earlier can adversely affect the color of the tan , making it too light or to dark. You will only rinse with water, no soap or ANY product (till 8 hrs after your session). Make sure your face and ears are rinsed as well.

  • You may see color wash off during your 1st shower, this is normal, as it is just the cosmetic bronzer washing off.

  • Do not scrub or use loofahs, washcloths at the time of the rinse. When you come out of the rinse, you will think the color disappeared, but NO WORRIES, it still takes 8 hrs developing time. The convenience of not having to sleep in the solution is so nice! And you are able to wear what ever you want after that rinse.

  • Avoid any activity that will result in sweating and refrain from swimming and getting wet. Working out is not recommended immediately after your spray tan.

  • 8 hrs after your spray tan, you may take a REGULAR shower. My after care products are recommended, I am happy to advise you on what might work best for you with the products I carry. No moisturizers or creams until AFTER your shower. Please do not allow your pet to lick or jump on you.

  • Apply my recommended body lotion or my tan extender generously post shower. Twice daily is recommended for optimal results.

  • Spa Treatments are not recommended after your airbrush tan ( ex: massage, facial, pedicure)

  • Dove products are NOT RECOMMENDED. Swimming will fade your tan. Please see the tab “Products that can cause fading”


  • Please refrain from the following products as they are known to fade and ruin a sunless tan:

  • Loofahs, washcloths, baby oil, mineral oil, massage oils, bug sprays, anti aging products that exfoliate, Dove products (creates skin barriers and your tan will not take) alcohol based toners, astringents (cleansing agents). Any products containing AHA’s or BHA’s or RETIN, accutane and salicylic acids can cause issues. Avoid long swims in pools and oceans as the chlorine and salt water can cause fading (bromine can cause fading).

  • A spray tan does not protect you from the sun, so make sure you use a sunscreen. Please consult with me if you are not sure if a product is safe for your tan.

  • Some medications as well as woman menstrual cycles and hormones can effect the tan as well.

  • Poor preparation will result in a poor tan

  • Remember, that the spray tan is on the outer layer of the skin, anything that exfoliates will remove the tan.


My after care products are top of the line. Formulated to work with a sunless tan but can be used daily for soft healthy skin. I offer a Body Wash, Body Lotion, Tan Extender,  Self Tanning Mousse, exfoliating mitts and even some scrubs for next time prep.

You will see a huge difference in how your tan lasts and fades when you use the proper products that are made specifically for sunless tanning. These products are made with the purest ingredients such as 100% Coconut Oil, Moroccan Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Apple Fruit Extracts.

We will go over what might work best for you!

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will a spray tan last?
The tan typically lasts 5 to 7 days . The faster your skin cells turn over and shed from your body, the faster the sunless tan fades. The tan created by the DHA affects only the top layer of the skin and will begin to fade after 4 to 5 days as the skin naturally begins to shed. To get the longest life from a spray tan, it is crucial to exfoliate prior to the spray tan application and to moisturize daily after the application.

Will my clients turn “orange”?
No. Our cosmetic bronzer is perfectly blended to give your clients that “just off the beach” look and our spray tan solution features a “what you see if what you get” effect meaning that the bronzer color they see initially exactly matches their resulting DHA spray tan.

Do my clients still need to wear sunscreen when going out in the sun?
Absolutely! A spray tan does not protect the skin from UV rays from the sun.

When should my clients shower after getting their spray tan?
Most DHA sunless solutions take about 8 hours to completely develop and therefore, clients should not shower until after 8 hours from the time they are sprayed. Use Aviva’s Rapid Solutions to shower faster. When using Aviva Inspires Express Tan your client may shower after 4 hours for a light tan, 5 hours for a medium tan or 6 hours for a dark tan. When using Aviva’s City Tan Collection, your client may shower after 30 minutes for a light tan, 60 minutes for a medium tan or 90 minutes for a dark tan. Because a DHA tan takes 8 hours to completely develop, you should educate your clients that no matter how quickly they shower, they should expect to see their full tan after 8 hours.

Is DHA safe?
The sunless tanner dihydroxyacetone is currently the most popular way of gaining a tan-like appearance without sun exposure as it carries less health risks than any of the other available methods. To date, it is the only active ingredient approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for sunless tanning. The FDA has tested and approved DHA for use on the skin.